Remarks by Bryceon Sumner

at Tim Robinson Memorial Service, October 11, 2003

Timothy Sumner Robinson was my nephew and the only one to carry the Sumner name. His mother, Edith, was my sister. I was told of Tim’s birth in 1945 by letter from family written to me in Europe where I had served in World War II. Future letters from family made me aware of the outstanding and intelligent ability of my new nephew.

Tim arrived on this earth running! He was reading and writing by the age of three. Graduated from high school by age 15 and by then had already excelled in music having taken piano lessons from Mrs. McMurron who later became my mother-in-law.

During this time Tim was busy as a volunteer fireman and he reopened the local library that had been closed for a year and he organized and directed a small musical band.

Tim was also active in his church. Tim was the youngest of five children and had an exceptional mother and daddy. They all loved Tim and he loved them.

Yes, Tim demonstrated his superior abilities at an early age. The touch of genius in doing those things most needed doing and making friends while getting the job done.

It was no surprise to those of us who knew Tim in his youth that he would become an outstanding figure in his chosen field of journalism and made friends while doing it.

I am grateful to Tim’s family, relatives, friends, media associates and others who are here today in expression of their love, respect and admiration for Tim.