Tim’s Birth

I am Tim’s sister, Terah Sherer, his only sister. Most of you do not know or have forgotten Tim was born in Thomasville, Alabama in Clark County.

During World War II our father had a government job with the postal service. During the fall of 1944 we briefly lived in Tarrant in the house of our Uncle Curtis who had a war job and lived away. The spring of 1945 we moved to Pine Hill in Wilcox County. We lived in the house of a family who had war jobs in Mobile.

In those days, at least in our family, impending birth was not discussed. I knew, of course. In July mother went to the Thomasville Hospital. Tim was born July 16, 1945, four days before my twelfth birthday. His birth made the Thomasville paper. Somewhere among our Mother’s keepsakes is an article about the first two babies born in the new hospital, Tim and a girl.

We teased Tim about being born the same day as the Atomic Bomb.

Calendars and list of historical events name July 16, 1945 as the first successful Atomic Bomb tested in New Mexico. A few weeks later it was used in Japan.

The spring of 1946, our father’s war job was terminated and we moved back to Dora. Tim had no memory of his infant months in L. A. (Lower Alabama), Pine Hill or the house with the wrap around the porch and big rooms. A picture of the house is included in the grouping of childhood pictures. He spent his growing up years in Dora.

Tim was the last child in the family and also the first of the generation known as the Baby Boomers.