CBS Sunday Morning and the Science of Survival

CBS Sunday Morning has been a constant in my life – an occasional weekend treat that always promises great interviews and features. Last weekend a segment on “The Science of Survival” caught my attention and presented some remarkable findings.

It seems that researchers are concluding that there is a formula for resilience in life and that at least half of us already know the secret. The answers seem simple – first, you need to live in a close-knit community or build a support system of family and friends to help you through the inevitable trauma and then you need to develop an unshakeable optimism about life.

The personal profiles in this segment show that even unspeakable tragedy can turn into a blessing with this formula.  A photographer mauled by a shark attack that left her scarred and without the use of one arm was asked to look back.  She concluded that she didn’t regret the  tragedy.  It taught her that you are who you are on the inside and it doesn’t matter how scarred you are on the outside .  “These are life lessons that most people don’t get to learn,” she said.

I recommend watching the segment when you have a moment.  In today’s world, it may seem especially hard to be an optimist.  Maybe the courageous people and the amazing statistics will convince you to try it!


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  1. Zarin

    How very true. A lot of folks forget how important their family and friends are in continuing their survival. Hopefully, more will see this segment and learn from it.


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