Tackling the Future One Leap at a Time

“Sometimes you just have to jump off the cliff and trust in yourself,” my late husband Tim Robinson lectured me when  I balked at a career opportunity because it seemed such a leap of faith.   Tim had blazed an incredible career in journalism by never questioning his talent – and it took him forward in amazing, ground-breaking ways.  I call it “living life ahead of the curve.”

I recently joined a BNI (Business Networking International) chapter in Michigan and we are constantly asked to share our business goals.  Mine is to continue those leaps of faith in my life to find the new paths that will keep me energized and productive.

I’ve admired  the amazing pioneers I’ve met in many fields on my own journey.  That includes those in journalism, publishing, public relations and food coops (I was on the first Board of the amazing Flatbush Food Coop).  During my time in Silicon Valley, I admired the internet entrepreneurs I met  during the dotcom boom. I also have known so many talented women entrepreneurs throughout the years from my involvement in Women in Communications and Women in Business in California, and the National Association of Women Business Owners in both California and New York.  They all shared a passion for their chosen work and a fearlessness in taking on challenges. 

Now that I am back in Michigan, I am meeting so many more pioneers, including those in my BNI Chapter, whose president is my niece, Dr. Linda Holland of Bridgeview Chiropratic Center .  She is pioneering the use of Chiropractic principles in Home Care through a new business. Bridgeview Home Health Care LLC., with the encouragement of her  husband, Michael Holland, an independent Seawall & pile driving company owner and her sister, a chiropractor in Northern Florida, Dr. Cheryl Bryant.

At a time of political division, many newsmakers charge that America’s innovation is losing out to China and other rising countries in the East.  Yet I’ve been  meeting a new generation of inspiring students.  In the South, I joined with the Robinson family in helping launch a Scholarship program for my late husband at Samford University’s journalism department in Birmingham, Al.  In Detroit. I’ve been an active in alumni activities and worked part-time recently at Wayne State University, with the opportunity to meet many young Honors College students.   I’m also proud of the soaring ambitions of the newest high school graduate in my family, my nephew Ian Graham and the success of other recent college graduates like another nephew, Michael Holland, whose first serious interview out of Lawrence Tech landed him at the GM Tech Center.  Yes, I believe both in America’s current entreprenuers and  in the next generation.  Dream on and don’t be afraid to take that jump.

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