Meditating in Paradise

I recently returned reluctantly to Michigan’s often cold and blustery late fall weather  after a week in what felt like paradise – the foothills of the mountains near Tucson Arizona, where it was 80 and sunny every day.  I was attending a six-day Meditation Training led by Pragito Dove, a master who trained at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India.  I am already certified in laughter meditation and was now adding accreditation in more Meditation techniques.  My goal has been to learn more about how to help others achieve control over  their happiness and health in a world dominated by a flood of stressful news and a lack of sane medical  solutions to the resulting  illnesses.

The fact is we are too often missing life while we create or recreate childhood drama – or suffer the emotional  consequences of living in an often angry world.  In a strange way,  I was lucky.  I grew up with parents from two different cultures and different dramas.  That confused me and worried me as a child.  Who was right?  I loved them both.  Yet it also made me a young Seeker, questioning  life, not just accepting it.

I discovered Meditation in my 20s when my father’s unexpected death and other tragedies left me struggling with deep pain and guilt.  Meditation  gives you techniques like Witnessing the Mind to remind us that we are love, we are divine – it gets rid of all the inner noise telling us otherwise.  Always our goal is to be in the present.  Witnessing the Mind is sitting in silence, watching our thoughts and letting them go.   Living in the present moment is meditation.

Laughter Meditation is especially simple for instantly transforming pain and fear into soothing mirth.  Even faking laughter releases brain chemicals called endorphins in the brain that act as a tranquilizer to calm us down.  You only need a few minutes in the morning to get powerful effects.  And you can use laughter anytime during the day to change your mood.  Try it.  Just laugh for one minute in the morning, followed by one minute of silence.  You are inoculated – and this drug is life-affirming!

For more information on Meditation, I recommend visiting – Pragito Dove’s website.