Farewell to Alabama columnist, reporter Rick Watson

I am sadly trying to accept that my Alabama friend Rick Watson is truly gone. I learned about his passing in a facebook announcement from his wife Jilda – also a dear friend.  Among many other hats, Rick was a columnist and reporter for the Daily Mountain Eagle, a newspaper in Jasper, Al.  Rick and Jilda also had a 12 acre farm that through his writings became “the Walden of Walker County.”  Rick and Jilda were also talented musical entertainers and recorded albums together, strumming their guitars and singing glorious harmonies.


I will never forget this couple’s devotion to each other and to my late husband, Tim Robinson.  Rick and Tim went to the same high school and while different ages, they became great friends. It lasted a lifetime.  After Tim’s sudden death in 2003, my bondage with Rick and Jilda only grew tighter.  They supported me and Tim’s family in starting a yearly Forum for Tim at Samford University and Rick always covered the event. I hope you will read some of Rick’s columns and stories, which are archived and can be searched at mountaineagle.com. I had called Tim’s sister Terah Sherer to find out if his obituary had appeared yet – I was able to read it online on July 16.  His obit can be searched at mountaineagle.com/obituaries.  And finally Rick’s blog is at http://www.rickwatson-writer.com.


I will miss you, dear friend!