Honoring Chelsea and Alabama

May was an incredible month that included a road trip to Alabama and South Carolina – and a bridal shower for an amazing great-niece, Chelsea Holland. 

First, the shower for Chelsea Holland and her fiancé Mike was held in a beautiful venue, MacRay Harbor in Harrison Township, Mi.  It was a chance to spend time with relatives I have rarely seen during the pandemic.  I met my niece Cheryl, sister of the bride-to-be’s mother Linda Holland, for a quick trip to the beach in Harrison Township – joined by my partner Bob Allen.  I was at a table with my sister-in-law Maria and her daughter Susan.  The pandemic had kept us apart, but it was fun to catch up.  I was amazed at the energy of my great niece’s mom Linda, a chiropractor at Henry Ford Hospital.  I also met the mother of the groom Mike for the first time.

The road trip in Bob’s car included visits with my late husband Tim Robinson’s family – Terah and Bob Sherer and Nelson and Connie Robinson.  I had missed them greatly during the pandemic.  I was able to interview  Nelson to get family history for a tribute book on Tim.  Sadly, one of Tim’s closest friends from high school, Rick Watson, had died lat year – but we got to visit with his widow Jilda, who had also been a classmate of Tim’s – and she gave us a tour of her remarkable family property in Empire and a delicious home-cooked meal. We also met her two sweet rescue dogs.

The trip ended in S. Carolina with an amazing stay over-night with my late husband’s sister-in-law Martha, whose late husband died in California.  Martha eventually returned to her home state and now lives in a new home in Simpsonville SC.  She put us up overnight and treated us to an amazing meal in a top-rated local restaurant.  What a beautiful ending to our southern trip!