The Return of Creativity

On the Road South Again

I was reminded again this month how the pandemic put a hold on on most of my creativity as a writer, except blogs. I

felt that I was just struggling to keep

my health together and lucky to be reading and using my studies on meditation with Pragito Dove

during that time. My friend and companion Bob Allen also kept me hopeful,

And now I am additionally recovering from cataract surgery.  My left eye was operated on in June, my right in

early July and I am delighted that I don’t need glasses anymore –

although my Doctor will soon give me a prescription for reading, since very small print requires me to

occasionally use a magnifying glass.

I am looking forward to traveling again later this month to visit Bob’s son Wes and his family in Richmond, Va.

It will be my first visit to Virginia since I used to live in Reston before the death of my late husband Tim.

Since I plan to start writing a tribute to Tim when I return, the trip should bring back a flood of memories!