Laughter Meditation during the era of COVID

I started meditation many years ago when I was invited to a weekend retreat in my 20s in Brooklyn and discovered the soothing effects of this ancient practice on stress.  I can’t imagine getting through the ups and downs of my career and personal life without this relaxation for my mind. 

Eventually my specialty became laughter meditation.   Laughter lowers our blood pressure. As Michele Blood also promises on the cover of The Laughter Meditation CD, “Laughter increase vascular flow.  Laughter boosts our immune system and laughter releases positive endorphins into the brain that creates higher oscillation in our physical and ethereal body.”

I am amazed that this CD remains a bestseller online, where it is also highly recommended that you play this tape for anyone who is ill, depressed or in the hospital. Of course, I could never have predicted a pandemic as bad as COVID, but now is the time to keep in a high vibration and this CD is the answer!