On Creating Legacies –  a Blog for the New Year 2022

Bring me the sunset in a cup – Emily Dickenson

In the last year, I finally broke through my creative writing block that accompanied the isolation of

the pandemic.  My creative resurgence started early in 2021 with a project long overdue for my late

husband Tim Robinson – a “Tribute” written about him, intended to be completed sooner for his family.   

Tim was part of the famous “Watergate team” at the Washington Post, and was rewarded with a

Scholarship to Yale Law School.  He later became editor of the National Law Journal, and just before

he passed away he was named editorial director of a new company called AOL. 

Happily I finally broke through my emotional barriers and created a draft of Tim’s Tribute that I can take

with me to Alabama this coming March for input from family members and Samford staff — and

complete soon afterwards.  (By the way, I also have to credit my partner Bob Allen for encouraging me

to tackle this project.)

In 2022,  I want to start submitting freelance articles again for publication.  In fact, some of my

heroines in literature were only published posthumously, including Emily Dickenson, one of my favorite

poets — so I  feel lucky that , like Tim, I was trained as a journalist and had lots of practice  meeting

deadlines early in my career.  When I was later hired by an editor, Barbara Hendra at a publishing house

in New York – Simon & Schuster, I even got the opportunity to write a book (Divorce and the American

Family), as well as make my Grandmother Lehotan’s poppy seed cakes famous in a cookbook,

“Grandma’s Kitchen.”    As a result, my Grandmother’s blue porcelain stove, along with a copy of the

Book are featured in a museum in upstate Michigan.  Now that’s a legacy!