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A Tale of Fire and Rain

This last week was a harrowing one for thousands in California.   I managed to contact two of my west coast friends to make sure they were safe from the fires. The wine country and San Francisco area were heavily affected.  My late husband also has family in northern California.

I remember the fires from my years in California, but it also keeps getting worse.  There were photos of heavily scarred sequoia trees this year, with reassurances from scientists that the noble trees, many over 2000 years old, will ultimately survive.

Walking in one of the sequoia forests north of San Francisco always made me feel it was sacred ground and reminded me of the arc of history and our small role in terms of years.  A part of my heart will always be out west and my prayers go out daily here – as well as south to those affected by the category 4 Hurricane Laura and the resulting flooding and winds that devastated St. Charles, Louisiana last Thursday.  A week of fire and rain.