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Rekindling an Old Passion while Networking

Sometimes you can rediscover old passions in the most unexpected ways.  I  started my career as a journalist and freelance writer, but eventually focused on public relations and marketing because I also really enjoy launching new ideas.  Yet when I started writing a blog last year, I realized the old passion for journalism was still very real, even if it had been dormant for awhile.

It was only a matter of time before I found a topic stirring enough to justify querying the media when I attended a networking event and was inspired by the speaker, Kate Gaffin, founder of Connecting to Greatness.  WomenEntrepreneur.com recently published my article “ Networking from the Heart” (you can read it in their  archives at http://bit.ly/bsTT2L )  This triumph reaffirmed to me  that I was ready to resume the freelance writing I had abandoned for quite a few years.

I also recently reconnected  with some writers in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Ditmas Park who were  starting a writer’s support group to encourage each other to stay committed. I use the group as a sounding board for my blogs,  as well as for feedback on my latest freelance ideas. I am also excited by their creative talent. Tim Sheard, who writes great mysteries (http://www.timsheard.com/LennyMossNovels.html),  also told me about a special writer’s workspace  just a block from my apartment where I could meet more writers and rent a desk when I wanted a quiet place to get inspired.  You can find out more about it  at http://www.ditmasworkspace.com/

During this difficult economy, I urge everyone to explore your passions outside of your business or full-time career. Don’t give in to the fear and gloom out there – look for the creative ways you can expand your business, your skills – and your life!  And, by the way, look for the talented writings of Tim Sheard, Stacey Browne and Dania Rajendra.