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Lessons in Leadership from a retiring New York Yankee

In my last years in New York, I really grew to appreciate the greatness of the soft spoken captain of the Yankees, Derek Jeter.  I smiled as I read how his last few games before his retirement in September grew into a maddening love fest that reverberated nationwide.  But for those who wondered  how quiet Number 2  drew all this respect and emotion in a town that often prefers  flash and sass, it was all about consistency and courage.  Derek Jeter always showed up with his best effort.  And he gave his teammates a great role model.

Jeter’s numbers weren’t world shattering, but they were pretty spectacular year after year.  He delivered when it counted, including in those last two games – his final appearance at Yankee Stadium and then in arch rival city Boston.  The ovations were almost as strong in both locations and the final performances were top grade as well.

I wanted to share some links that tell the story of this amazing finale – and also a new beginning. Jeter is becoming a publisher in order to let other players tell their stories.  A leader to the end.