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The Witness Tree: A Brooklyn Landscape Photographer Captures our Disappearing Natural Treasures

My Ditmas Park neighbor and friend Carolyn Monastra is a landscape photographer on a mission.

She’s just returned from photographing the disappearing glaciers in Glacier National Park in Montana and reports that of the 150 original glaciers, only 25 remain – and those are expected to be gone by 2030 at the latest.  That’s only one of the areas affected by climate change that made her decide to create a project called The Witness Tree so that she could document breathtaking natural beauty around the world that is fast disappearing.

You still have a few days to learn more about her amazing work and help Carolyn raise additional funds by logging onto the websites listed below.  At the very least, give yourself the pleasure of reviewing her spectacular photography!

To make a donation:



To learn more about Carolyn’s project:



To watch a video discussion about her work with artists Zach Keeting and Chris Joy:



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