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A New Year’s Resolution for the Leaders of 2012

Last week I met for holiday lunch with some truly distinguished professional friends of mine and we put aside the usual boundaries of business to share our biggest challenges and vow to support each other as entrepreneurs this coming year.  In general, business networking is a time when you concentrate on your strengths and act like the powerful businessperson reflected on your resume.

Yet that day we all knew that part of our strength was the ability to trust our vulnerabilities and celebrate the risks we were taking in challenging times.  We also toasted our past victories and laughed together at the joy of being so fearless* that day.

Throughout the holidays, I have encountered equally courageous and innovative leaders from all sectors — corporate America, non-profits,  cooperatives , arts organizations and unions (I recently joined the National Writers Union in time for its 30th anniversary celebration) and government.

No one knows yet what 2012 will bring, but I hope all those courageous leaders  across the country with bold new ideas and the willingness to take risks will take us in the right direction.  Maybe it will be you!


* I salute my friend Jacqueline Wales for launching an event to celebrate and encourage  “fearless” women leaders! (www. fearlessfactor.com/)