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Branding Your Business in 2010

Toyota’s current crisis over accidents caused by unintended acceleration has dominated the headlines recently.  The on-going damage control exemplifies the complexities of branding.  Toyota had developed a brand that signified quality and that helped it to dominate the North American car market, as American manufacturers stumbled badly for years with recalls. Yet in its scramble to become the leader worldwide, the question is whether Toyota abandoned its focus and has now irreparably lost customer confidence.

As we begin 2010, it’s a good time for entrepreneurs to look at their brand and make sure they are true to their promises – or consider whether it is time to reassess their “message”and rebrand going forward?

It is so important to have a good team involved with designing and marketing your brand – and in this difficult, global economy, even working professionals need to “brand” themselves successfully for the new reality of serial jobs.

I’m proud to be part of a Entrepreneur’s Roundtable on February 24 in Manhattan on Branding Your Business for Entrepeneurs and Solopreneurs being offered by the New York  Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (Details are at www.nawbonyc.org).  I hope it will encourage everyone  to reflect on the importance of their brand!